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Your Ultimate Guide to Amsterdam

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is no stranger to the list of top travel destinations around the world. Rich in culture and heritage, this city’s attractions are diverse and suitable for family and the independent backpacker.

Getting Around

A friendly city with relatively low crime rate, this makes it safe even for lone female travellers to explore the city on foot or on bike. The infrastructure of the city makes walking a breeze, and is often considered the most common, and best form of travel, especially for tourists. Many have also come to know this city, marked by its liberal laws on the legalisation and availability of cannabis cafes, marijuana, and the infamous popularity of the seedy red light district.

Amsterdam is a safe city, even for the solo female traveller

It’s not difficult to navigate the city – German and French are two dominant languages spoken here, but there are also many English speakers so you’ll find it easy to get the directions and information you need.

Biking around Amsterdam

The peak months for travel to Amsterdam are July to August, so if you have the luxury of a flexible schedule, you might want to avoid these periods for lower prices and few crowds!

Attractions and Activities

Popular city attractions include museums, restaurants and cafes. This city is a harmonious melting pot of cultures, so it wouldn’t be surprising to find diverse cuisines here from Indian to Greek food. Locals love soaking in the local pub screen during the winter seasons, grabbing a warm drink in the latest watering hole is the perfect way to experience its culture and meet the friendly locals.

If you’ve got a bit of a shopaholic in you, you’ll be entertained with the two main shopping streets in Amsterdam’s city centre – the Kalverstraat and the Leidsestraat. Apart from music stores, antiques shoppes, artisanal shops offering fine foods and cheese, you’ll want to know that the Leidsestraat has the more exclusive brands and boutiques including Shoebaloo, Karen Millen and Paul Warmer.


Luxury Hotel De L'Europe in Amsterdam
Luxury Hotel De L’Europe in Amsterdam

As a well-developed tourist destination, choices for accommodation at aplenty. Depending on your budget, you can select from luxury hotels hotels, motels, and budget hostels that dot the city of Amsterdam. I’ve heard stories of backpackers braving the city and choosing to stay in dilapidated and abandoned buildings (only paying for electricity), just for the experience!



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