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Travelling to Australia? Here’s what you need to know.

St Kilda, Melbourne, Australia

With its pristine beaches and a myriad of activities for the young and old, Australia is a top destination for many. If you’re here in the summer, you can sunbathe on the sun-kissed strips or hike the undulating terrain the outback. If winter’s your preferred season, you’ll love the scenic snowy landscapes.

Before you get swept up in the enthusiasm of packing your bags, it’s good to know that the months of December and January are peak tourist seasons. If you’re planning to travel within these periods, you’d need to book your accommodations well in advance.


The month of January plays host to the “Festival of Sydney”, an exciting celebration and awe-inspiring display of street theatre, grand exhibit of fireworks and a calendar filled to the brim of outdoor concerts.

Melbourne celebrates similar festivities during the months of April through to September, and these include the “Writer’s Festival” and another unique Australian festival called the “Darwin Beer Can Regatta”. Beer lovers flock to the festival not only for the drinking-till-you-drop opportunity, but also for the exciting boat races where the water crafts are creatively fashioned from used beer cans!

Festival scene in St Kilda, Melbourne, Australia


Kangaroo spotting in the summer on Stradbroke Island, Australia

The sun’s out during December to February, setting the perfect summer backdrop for outdoor and beach activities. From June till August, you’ll get to see a different side of Australia – immerse yourself in the snowscapes and ski to your heart’s content in the mountainous regions of New South Wales and Victoria.

Wintry trees and of Australia, Warburton


Generally, food and accommodation in Australia is not expensive, if you know where to look. As much as there are pampering options for food and accommodation in this metropolis, there are also budget options at every turn. Supermarkets offer delicious packed meals, or you can always whip up your own meal in the comfort of your own Airbnb stay, or hostel.



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