Sunshine Coast is known for its abundance of sunshine, and much else, including its food and wine landscape, a fast-growing diverse culinary marketplace.

What makes it unique is its warm climate, rich soil and rolling oceans that make Sunshine Coast the world’s natural factory for producing a stellar pantry of food products. You’ll find close to 1000 small to large scale producers and farmers here, pampering the city of diners with farm-to-table fresh foods. With these, visitors will also have vast opportunities to visit the producing sites with back-of-the-house tours, and of course, food and wine sampling!

3Quality Seafood

Indulge in an afternoon of gourmet dining

Some of the freshest seafood in Australia can be found right here on the coast. Did you know that Mooloolaba is the largest swordfish seaport in Australia? The wharf teems with the buzz of daily activity, with commercial trawlers pulling in with their ocean catch including lobsters, crabs, prawns and various species of fish.



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