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Top Picks: Best Things To Do in Taipei

Taipei, Taiwan

The long list of best things to do in Taipei, the proud capital of Taiwan, is practically inexhaustible! In this dynamic city, you’ll find everything from great beaches, rich art scene for the cultural buff, to natural wonders for the outdoor lover.

1. Ximending

Streets of Ximending, Taipei

Ximending is a designated pedestrian area, peppered with cool shops selling products from the latest pop trends. It has numerous restaurants serving affordable to premium selection of local food. Though famous for these throughout the world, little is known about its amazing street art – here you’ll find some impressive creative works from local artistes – sure to add some vigour to your shopping schedule!

2. Night Markets

Enthusiastic crowds throng the streets of Shilin Night Market

World-famous for its flavourful (and sometimes messy) street food culture, you have to include this in your list of things to do in Taipei. These night markets are the country’s top visitor attractions and it may feel a little rowdy for those who are not used to it – stall owners speak loudly to each other and walkways can be narrow, but it all adds up to the authentic experience. The Big Five on the popular list are ShilinRaoheTonghuaHuaxi, and Ningxia Night Markets, while you may prefer for the quieter markets like LiaoningNanjichangLehuaShida, and Jingmei Night Markets.

3. Danshui

If you’re want to get away from the fast-paced city life of Ximending and the hustle of the night markets, catch a train to the northernmost stop to the area of Danshui, a seafront attraction. Stepping out of the MRT station, you’ll be immediately greeted by the panoramic view of the sea, and a walking path along the edge of the shore where you can enjoy the sea breeze and a light stroll. This area is family-friendly with large, open spaces for picnics, games and just running around, so be sure to bring the kids!

4. Hot Springs, Beitou

This hotspot is a village around Xinbeitou MRT in Beitou district, usually called Beitou Hot Spring. Interesting activities in this area include the Beitou Hot Spring Museum, Geothermal Valley, historic Japanese bathhouse and even eating hot spring ramen. There’s so much to see and do that you can easily spend a full day here!

5. Pearl Milk Tea

Yes, this is food even though this is actually so much more… this is culture. As this is the motherland of pearl milk tea (you might be more familiar with Boba or Bubble Tea), you won’t be able to walk a few metres without coming across a bubble tea store. Each brand has their diehard followers, and popular brands are Tiger Sugar and Chun Shui Tang. If you prefer lighter, less viscous teas like me, go for the fruit teas like the passionfruit green tea!


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