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Top 7 Travel Advice for Couples

Many of you may have traveled with friends or going solo, but perhaps not (yet) as a couple. Here are top seven essential tips for you, if you are planning your first trip with significant other.

  • Make a separate list of things another person wants to do

Traveling together is a perfect chance for you to explore each other’s interests and let them be part of your journey in life. Making a list of each other’s things show that you respect and value each others’ interests and priorities as much as your own. This is a good time to ask questions, get to know each others’ expectations, make compromises, and plan your trip accordingly. 

  • Pose together – Create memories

Never miss a chance to pose together! No matter where you go, the world gives you many lovely backdrops that can be a memorable place for taking photos together. Make tangible memories that you can later look back fondly on – and maybe share stories of those moments with friends and family, and perhaps even your children!   

  • Explore your greatest fears together

On the road of life, the blessing of togetherness often trumps going it alone. When you know that someone has your back no matter what, you can be more confident in exploring and understanding your fears and ways to overcome them. I was afraid of heights, but our recent skydiving experience took all the fear away from me. This can be a great milestone for your relationship.

Bungee Jumping
  • Let go – being childish with each other

Play with each other. Plan some silly games or have picnics in the park, just like when you were young. You can go hiking and also try the beginner’s course for golf or beach sports. When you can totally be yourself around another person, you know that person’s a keeper.

  • Try simple things

Enjoyment doesn’t have to cost a lot. A simple date or a random declaration of love can be a great deal, especially when it is unexpected. Don’t shy away from planning simple dates at the street side cafes. So try it, look into the other person’s eye, and share a statement of love from the early days of heady love and see if it re-ignites the emotions of those days (or at least some laughter!).

  • Little surprises can keep the spark alive

Little romantic surprises can become profound memories of your trip. It can be date night, surprise proposal, buying a gift, spending unhurried time at the hotel pool, go for a movie or just enjoy a short bowling tournament. 

  • Let the intimacy add the spice in your relationship

Intimacy is the essential part of a relationship and reaching out meaningfully to each other on a personal level. Getting to know about careers, making future plans and celebrating moments together. Travelling can be a good way to explore each other’s interests and personalities. 

Final Thoughts

You need to be thoughtful while planning a future with your better half. So, why not try taking a journey together, it will help you a lot. You can get an idea about thinking attitude of a loved and at the same time, you can enjoy some thrilling moments together. See it for yourself how far a little effort can take you in a healthy relationship.



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