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Top 5 Unique Things to Do in Vancouver

Vancouver, Canada

We are going to explore top 5 unique things to do in Vancouver, a city where you could be on the ski slopes in the morning, and laze around beautiful beaches in the afternoon! This city is well-endowed with marvellous spots of nature – from snow-capped mountains, well-worn forest trails to kayaking in the open waters, there is no lack of unique things to do in Vancouver.

Experience a slower pace of life at Maplewood Farm

Rabbit grazing in the warm sunshine

With more than 200 birds of the sky and docile farm animals, the highly-educational Maplewood Farm provides visitors with a glimpse into the rural life, a mere 15 minutes’ drive from Vancouver city. Once a dairy farm, is it now the cosy home to, sheep, cows, goats, birds, rabbits, horses and pigs. This farm is extremely family-friendly, with horse rides and many opportunities to learn more about the animals and their care.

405 Seymour River Pl.

Go green at Granville Island

A dynamic marketplace and cultural hub., the Granville Island hosts a spectrum and quaint mix of attractions and artisans, including sake drink makers and independent pottery stores. With it undivided focus on going green and environmental sustainability, the island has enforced an all round zero-waste policy, so you’d be happy to know that food and entertainment on this island goes easy on your conscience!

Get a taste for the city on a food tour

Local food is a gateway into the understanding of local culture. While there are many other ways to do so, there is little contention that mingling with local cooks while tasting iconic local food greatly enhance visitors’ experience of a new destination.

There are a number of organised food tours in Vancouver which takes you through the city’s gastronomic offerings. One popular tour company is Vancouver Foodie Tours, which has many options depending on what type of food you would like to sample. From Vancouver’s renowned Chinese to food trucks to artisanal food, you’ll surely enjoy eating your way through the town!

Food, glorious food!

Watch and cheer at a professional ice hockey match

Professional ice hockey match

Hockey is the national sport of Canada, so it is possible that you will be able to catch some serious professional skills at an ice hockey game. The hockey game season runs from October to June, and the speed of play is certain to impress you. Tip: Book your tickets ahead as tickets to the important games can sell out quickly.

Rogers Arena, 800 Griffiths Way

Reach for the canopy in Capilano Suspension Bridge & Park

Capilano Suspension Bridge, West Vancouver, Canada

Boldly installed above the Capilano River in 1888, this 450-metre suspension bridge affords visitors an opportunity to stroll amongst the canopy of the cedar trees, which grow over the fierce wasters of the river below. This is perfect for the conservative traveller who prefers to safely explore Vancouver’s rich forestry and native flora. In the area, there is also a cliff walk and a system of footbridges which gives visitors an equally breathtaking scenery of the rolling rivers.

3735 Capilano Rd.



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