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Solo Travel in Switzerland


Switzerland is famed for its milk chocolates, the majestic Alps and the cost of living, but did you also know that it makes for more than a romantic getaway for honeymooning couples?

Many people put off this destination and wait until they get wealthier to visit this beauty. In spite of her reputation for being an expensive country to visit, this lovely country has some solid reasons to be listed high on your solo travel bucket list.

If you see it from another perspective, this country is far less-crowded due to its expensive itineraries – which means a lovelier journey and experience! If you are in want of some quiet and solitude, Switzerland makes for the perfect spot for some alone time. Pack your bags and hop on the airplane and let your solo journey commence!

From spectacular scenery, luxury accommodation choices, hiking trails and loads of cheese & chocolate, you are going to fall hard for this country.

Hiking in the Swiss Mountains

Hiking in the Swiss Mountains

I love hiking on my trips – exploring nature on foot is one of the best experiences of the great outdoors. Swiss mountains are the purest treat for any traveler. Areuse gorge is a marvelous place to continue your love for hiking along the walking trails. If you are traveling in winter, you need to check out activities like skiing and relaxing in thermal spas on the slopes. The mountain transport systems would be closed due to snowfall but you can find ways to give yourself a chance at this hiking spot.

You can enjoy this trail with family and kids but strollers and other large accessories are not recommended.

Lauterbrunnen Valley

Lauterbrunnen Valley

Located on the valley floor at 796 metres above the sea level, it is cradled in the heart of the Alps and this makes Lauterbrunnen the perfect and central location to enjoy the host of alpine activities in both the winter and summer seasons. Lauterbrunnen is the epitome of Swiss alpine villages, with charming chalet-style villas that are landscaped by rolling fields and towering, snow-capped mountains and the ideal location from which to start your solo travel experience.

Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva

At the shoreline of Geneva, there is a small town that reflects the mesmerizing beauty of Switzerland. The lake is located at the north side of the Alps. You can join one of the year-round events or just explore the town in your own time. This small town is awarded for the best adventure spot. From thrilling ziplines to the fun-filled adventure trails – they can be enjoyed by solo travellers, couples and even families.

Lausanne & The Alps 

It is a perfect place for the people seeking outdoor adventure on their trips. You will all Alps is one of the towns that has preserved heritage from years. It’s worth visiting the historic cathedrals, casinos, the Olympic museum and many galleries reflecting the heritage and culture of the town. 

Switzerland is a country of beautiful valleys with small villages inhabited by friendly locals. From here, you can ride the cruises and experience the allure of crystal clear waters. An important tip – Switzerland is not the cheapest country to visit, so if you’re looking for a budget-friendly trip, you may choose to stay in a hostel and eat simply. It’ll be worth the sacrifice for other once-in-a-lifetime adventures! Are you planning for your solo travel in Switzerland yet?



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