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size? collections – Jamie Roy – DJ & Producer

As if it’s been 25 years since we were first introduced int the wonderfully wacky world of Pokémon. For a quarter of a century, its characters have engrained themselves into the modern culture with TV shows, films, video games and trading cards; the latter of which became somewhat of a goldmine in the process.

One man who knows his Pikachu from his Jigglypuff is Do Not Sleep & Cuckoo Land Ibiza resident DJ Jamie Roy; his Pokémon card collection is the stuff of dreams. Check out a few of his grails below…

Pokémon Big Three 1999 Base Set

Pokémon Big Three 1999 Base Set

“This set is the original big three from the base set in 1999. How I kept these since then in this condition I will never know. I wasn’t the usual kid who played the actual game, I put them straight in a binder and never touched them.”

Pokémon Big Three Japan CD Promo

Pokémon Big Three Japan CD Promo

“This is probably my favourite big 3 set. It was a limited edition run of the Japanese CD promo; I have the full set with the CD and case also.”

Pokémon Blaine’s Moltres

Pokémon Blaine's Moltres

“This is one of my favourite gym member cards – 1st edition and in PSA 10 condition.”

Pokémon Dark Charizard

Pokémon Dark Charizard

“This is the best of them all I feel, 1st edition Dark Charizard from the team rocket set. One of these sold recently on Stock X for £12k.”

Take a look a Levi’s x Pokémon collection here...

Keep checking back on the size blog for more size? collections.

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