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Italy – The country of art and nature


If you ask me to explain my life in a single quote, it would be: 

“I read; I travel; I become” 
― Derek Walcott

Life is a constant series of worrying about things that you can’t change. I am no expert of life but the little I know about it is that; reading is the perfect escape, travelling take me through the bitter realities of this world and both together change my perspective towards life. Italy was one of the inspiring journeys of my life. Romans teach you the right way of cultural appropriation and adoption of other cultures without losing your core values. Open-mind-ness, free thinking and lots of insight in culture will welcome you in this country.

Explore the Decorative and Historical Taste of Italy 

Art, nature, history and pizza are the things that come in mind when you think about planning your next voyage to Italy. If you are stuck in your daily routine and just want a single step forward towards the joyful life – Italy is the place to go. When planning a trip to Italy, remember one thing that it is comfortable and knowledgeable. When you enter the premises, you will know that the country is full of countless artistic surprises especially for someone who is going there for the first time. 

Italy is one of the countries that reminds us of the 15th century. It the time that has introduced us to the new thinking and attitude. The new thinking was implied as to the restoration of man’s faith to connect with their ancestry. Romans are also known as quick learners when it comes to adopt different perspectives and explore unique ideas. So, now you know that travelling to Italy can be your most memorable journey in terms of grasping new notions of life. 

UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Italy

Italy has a huge list of places that fall in this list. These sites will take you through the history of Romans, their reign and association with Greek culture. Archeology, environment and designs are fabulous for the seekers of history and art. We are sharing some of the places from the list that you should explore while in Italy. 


  • Dolomites: Beauty and diversity are the main traits of the Dolomites. The mountain peaks of the city are just irresistible. This paradise region brings adventure for skiers and hikers. Touch the heights of Italy by travelling to the Dolomites.
  • The city of Verona: It is a medieval old town by the side of Adige River. The most popular site to explore in Verona is the setting of “Romeo and Juliet”. So, if you call it the city of love, it won’t be wrong. However, you can create your own magical pictures for the sake of modern love. 
  • Florence: This city will offer you the masterworks of architecture and design. The city serves people with the love of sports, galleries, museums, and food. In short, regardless of your interest in exploration, you can find the itinerary of your choice in Florence. Experience the city at its best and fullest by stepping out in the streets. Wander around, take pictures and watch people – you will learn a lot about contemporary culture and way of life. 
  • Rome: “When in Rome, do what Romans do” – This phrase explains a lot about the people of Rome. They are quick in following new cultures and bending in for the new ways of life. If you ever happen to be there, you will find a quite amazing list of landscapes to explore. The art of the city is breathtaking and stunningly catching attention from the world. 
  • Amalfi Coast: A charming place that gives an indication of being in paradise. Rocky sea cliffs and tunnels are stunning. The city is grabbing tourist’s attention from all over the globe, inviting tourist to enjoy a thrilling experience by the side of the coast. For history and art, you can go to the cathedral of St. Andrew and Handmade paper Museum. Both are worth the traveller visit for inspiration. 
  • Historic Centers of San Gimignano: You can name it as the land of towers. All of the towers are the finest example of Italian architecture. They stand tall and gives a touch of modern skyscrapers. Out there you can experience the medieval walled city that is full of Italian history and culture.  
  • Aeolian Islands: Sicily is all about the summer break. Annually, it has more than 200,000 visitors who tend to enjoy the exciting blue seas and volcanic archipelago. This small piece of paradise introduces you to the beaches and hiking trails hence, making it the perfect destination for most-anticipated summer break. 


Cities of Art

Travel is the great leveller, the great teacher, bitter as medicine, crueller than mirror-glass. A long stretch of road will teach you more about yourself than a hundred years of quiet.” 
― Patrick Rothfuss

This one quotes teaches us about the value of celebrating life on the road. Instead of being at one place, you need to move and embrace the world with all of its beauty and cruelty. Italy has the same kind of charm. And a trip to the cities of Art in Italy can be a journey of love, passion and dreams that makes you feel alive.  


  • Venice: I call it a city for couples. You want a romantic break, you go to Venice.  You can also say that this city will take you the canals of beauty as it has no roads. You travel by the canals and enjoy all the beautiful views of the closed city. 
  • Turin: You go to Turin for architecture and cuisine. It is also a landmark of royalty and luxury. So, if you want to experience Italy in a luxurious way, Turin is the city to stay. 
  • Naples: Ovo castle and the royal palace of Naples are the ultimate landmarks of the beauty and art for the visitors. Experience the lavishness of Italy at this one place.  
  • Palermo: the ancient world of Palermo is the marvel of Italy. If you want to find contemporary art of the world, you want to explore every corner of this enchanting city.  


Winding up the Virtual Trip of Italy

Pizza, coffee, Art, history, beachside, mountain peaks and a lot more is the part of this beautiful country. Lifestyle is contemporary yet full of art and culture. It is relaxing, learner’s paradise, hikers land and finest place for the cultural findings. So, calculate your cost, plan your trip, book through the travel packages and embark on the journey of passion and countless dreams to make your life worth living at the edge. 


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