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How to Travel Safely During the COVID-19 Pandemic

As flights from the US are being restored to a number of countries around the world, you may be noticing people traveling more. Nonetheless, you might be wondering whether it is safe to fly to a certain destination. And in case this question is not bothering you the most, you might ask yourself how do you arrange a trip so you minimize the chances to get infected.

The Airflyby Team is always by your side to provide you with useful tips related to travel. This time, we aim at giving you substantial info and reliable advice on how to set up safe travel during the global pandemic.

Before you fly

No matter if you are afraid of contracting the virus or not at your destination, you have to have a plan. One of the most important things you have to take into consideration is whether or not you’ll have to provide a negative test result for Covid-19 and/or you’ll have to stay in quarantine.

Most countries require travelers to prove that they are not infected at the moment of their travel. Therefore, local authorities impose mandatory Covid-19 tests that have to be taken within 72-96 hours prior to the flight. The certificate has to indicate that you don’t have the virus, and it should be presented by a certified laboratory.

Make sure you know the regulations and restrictions not only of a certain country but also of a city within it since these might differ for every location. These regulations and restrictions are represented but are not limited to testing, 14-day quarantine, number of people allowed to gather, and/or regulation to stay home. In case you disobey to follow the imposed regulations, you might find yourself paying a substantial penalty. Hence, we advise you to get informed on the local regulations and restrictions before you travel.

Regulations regarding the prevention of Covid-19 spread surely depend on the destination, but you’d also want to be certain you follow the ones back at home when you return. So, stay updated during your trip on the travel restriction in the state you’d be returning to.

We also have to suggest you make a plan in case you get infected. Thus, keep track of the epidemiological situation at the destination. If the number of positive Covid-19 cases sees a progression, you might get infected, and therefore you’ll have to stay there a longer period of time. It is essential to prepare enough financial resources for that matter or others like border closure, flight cancellation, or any other unforeseen events related to the world pandemic. Insurance that covers Covid-19 might also be handy.

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