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How to Pack and Travel Light

It makes perfect sense now, more than ever before, to travel light as many airlines are imposing additional fees on overweight luggage. We need to travel more efficiently by packing and travelling light!

Don’t overdo it!

Pick a small luggage

If you’re used to travelling with oversized luggages that are 30-31″ or more, do not panic. Give it a chance, you’ll soon get used to it. Start by choosing a lightweight, modest-sized piece of luggage. I’d suggest going no bigger than a 29″ suitcase. Next, you’ll want to keep your eyes peeled for brands that are known for good make and lightweight cases. You would want to keep in mind that many ‘new arrivals’ which are boldly advertised as ‘lightweight’ are in reality, no lighter than their older counterparts. Other details you need to look out for are hardy fabrics and smooth and well-made wheel systems.

Pare it down

You might be one of those travellers who pack too much (just in case!), and return with many sets of unworn clothes and accessories? Be strict with yourself and pack light, and be mindful that every item of clothing and accessory you pack needs to value-add your travel.

Pick out your favourite wardrobe staples; it’s not the time to experiment with new styles.

Start by trying to limit the number of footwear you bring along, as sneakers and shoes are far heavier than clothing. Re-box your toiletries into travel sized containers, and always carry items that are designed for travel, like compact hairdryers and clothes steamer. These are lightweight adapted travel accessories work just well, while saving you extra dollars for luggage fees and chiropractor charges when you return!

Plan your #OOTD

Prior to packing for your trip, spend some time picking out your favourite go-to pieces from your wardrobe. Pick these out and plan your outfits in advance. It would be good to pick up neutrals or basic colours that would work well with easy mixing and matching. One pair of pants can be teamed with several different tops for various occasions and looks. Lightweight and reversible jackets can be easily dressed up, or down depending on where you plan to visit.

You can be stylish while travelling light too!

Although you have made a commitment to packing and travelling light, you don’t need to look like you have not changed your clothes for days! Consider wrinkle-free fabrics and clothing to save yourself the hassle of pressing your clothes when you’re on the roads.

Carry-on luggage

On the way home, make the most of carry-on luggage space with foldable duffle or shopping bags to pack your souvenirs and shopping loot. That way, you can save a few kilograms on your check-in luggage weight allowance. Most airlines allow for two bags per passenger, and one carry-on and one personal bag, although it would be prudent to verify this with your airline prior to boarding.


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