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Favourite Michelin Star Restaurants in Europe

Le Meurice Alain Ducasse

Prepare to whet your appetite on a feast for the senses with our list of our favourite Michelin-star restaurants in all of Europe.

ABaC – Barcelona

Helmed by one of Spain’s youngest chef to be awarded with the prestigious and coveted Michelin Star title, Chef Jordi Cruz has the ability to throw seemingly disparate ingredients together to create a magical dish. At the ABaC, highlights include the fresh seafood and unique meat plates that you’re unlikely to find anywhere else but here. We applaud the food Tasting Menu – great value for such a treat for the palate! Take yourself through the epicurean journey of the senses including fatty cuts of tuna belly with a mild punch of citrus ponzu, shaved kumquat zest, crispy baked artichokes and creamy veggie roots purée. The sommelier may present his selections from the wine list of over 1,000 curated options.

Le Meurice Alain Ducasse – Paris

Just looking at the picture, it’s not difficult to guess why this has made our list of our favourite Michelin-star restaurants in all of Europe. Two-Michelin starred restaurant Le Meurice goes all out to impress her diners – from the grandeur of the interior design to the honest, simple ingredients magically woven into edible works of art by Executive Chef Jocelyn Herland – the restaurant does not hold back in its experience of a dining extravaganza.

Perfect for a morning breakfast or a romantic night out with a view out to the Jardin des Tuileries, you’ll be treated to a selection of comforting favourites including French toast with soft vanilla cream, and lobster and butter with a smooth monté beurre sauce. Take your pick from the broad variety of artisanal cheeses from their cheese trolley.

For diners with dietary restrictions, vegetarian friendly, vegan and gluten free options are readily available, just ask! The dining experience here is pure theatre.

Hotel du Clos, Cote d’Azur – France

Hotel du Clos, Cote d’Azur

The perfect address for a weekend stay for families or couples, the restaurant Clos Saint Pierre and the Bistro du Clos is the in-house restaurant of cosy and picturesque Hotel du Clos. Seated on the outdoor terrace at sunset, we were surrounded by pretty curtains of natural weaves of grapevines in the alfresco compound. The generous canapés gave us little hint as to what we were soon to be served – a delicate and fresh sea bream fillet in a light, savoury broth bursting with flavours of the sea. After several other exquisite dishes, we opted for simple, comfort food to end the beautiful evening – a platter of petit fours and sour berries, plus a side of iconic, dainty french macaroons.

Red Lion & Troutbeck Guest House – Cotswolds, UK

This gem was originally launched as the Red Lion pub, and since its inception, the owners have spared no effort in establishing its epicurean reputation. Their hard work finally paid off in 2012 when they were awarded with the Michelin star, as a firm recognition of the service excellence and food quality. Till today, fresh ingredients are purchased from local producers and farmers, and all condiments and sauces are lovingly made from scratch in the kitchen. The offerings here honest and artisanal – fresh sourdough bread is served with manually-churned butter!



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