Dog sledding

This list of best adventure holidays will take you from walks through the majesty of nature to cross-country skiing amongst the white, powdery landscapes. Take your pick from the list of breathtaking expeditions and reframe your idea of a great holiday!

1. Norway – Cross-country skiing

Skiing in Ibestad, Norway

This adventure would require a competent level of fitness and experience in trekking through a multi-day, cross-country skiing itinerary in Norway. Experienced skiers may prefer to discover the relatively unspoiled nature along the mountainside. An important tip – it is recommended that adventurers familiarise themselves with the local conditions and the weather, as there is always possibility of mountain avalanches, especially during or following after major snowfalls. In addition to immersing yourselves amidst the vastness of nature and open skies, feeling worlds away from civilisation is also a spiritually uplifting experience.



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