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Chefchaouen – The Blue Beauty of Morocco

Chefchaouen in Morocco is a blue beauty beyond belief. An unimaginably amazing city escape nestled in Morocco’s Rif Mountains it has a distinctive hues of blue and white buildings. Not surprisingly, it has also been highly popularised through through Instagram and Pinterest for this very reason – the city provides a gorgeous backdrop for numerous scenic views for mind-blowing photography. Embark on trip to Chefchaouen in Morocco and you’ll see a side of the world you could previously dream about.

When to Visit Chafchaouen?

The best and most suitable seasons to visit Chefchaouen would be in spring and autumn, when temperatures are mild and enjoyable. That being said, whatever the season, visitors are guaranteed incredible views of this city. The months of April through to June are a popular time of year for avid trekkers, as the blue beauty of Morocco is prone to snowfall in the winter months and may prove challenging for new hikers.

How to get there?

As Chefchaouen doesn’t have an airport and it is in your favour only. You can enjoy the views that will ‘blue’ away from your mind. It will be a lovely road trip for you where you can enjoy the best from the town of Chefchaouen. Tangier and Fez are the close cities from where you can book your trip to Chefchaouen.

Things to know about Chefchaouen

Let us take you through the sights and highlights of the Chefchaouen – grand blue beauty of Morocco.

·        Blue Pearl of Morocco

Blue Pearl of Morocco

The city is also known as the blue pearl of Morocco. You might have guessed from the name that it got its name by the blue-washed colours of houses in this unique city. There are many speculations as to why it came to be, the most popular being that the Spanish inquisition in 1942 brought on the trend of painting the city blue.

·        Maze of streets

I’ve heard people fondly calling the city a blue maze, casually disguised as a town! Every street corner looks like the previous one so in this city, I got many chances to lose my way and then find it again. Just as well – this unwittingly helped me explore the city just that bit more! The maze-like streets are such a refreshing experience. Feel the freedom and let your heart be its own hero at every step of exploration.

Quick tip:
Rmember to exercise general caution as you do travelling in any city. By and large, the city is quite a safe place but you may run into some greedy stalkers who may corner you to make a quick buck. Don’t be their easy prey!

·        Souks for the culture

   Souks for the culture

If you are looking into the culture or want to mingle with local people around you, bring your camera along but be careful when taking pictures of strangers. It is ethically and morally responsible to ask before taking someone’s photo. The souks (or street markets) are the best way to explore the richness of the local culture. What do they eat? What they wear? How they live? How do locals bargain? You can find answers to these questions and many other questions only by strolling at the souk and mingling with the people. The action starts early in the morning, so go early to catch the buzz!

·        Explore at the Kasbah Museum

Museum of the Kasbah

Kasbah Museum is one of the historical and most famous places that culture enthusiast must not miss. The kasbah is a restored fortress that today, hosts a lovely garden, a small ethnographic museum and a mini art gallery. You’ll also find famous antiques that have been recovered from the the time of Jews’ reign of the city. It displays regional costumes along with music and art history. The views from the kasbah tower overlooking the medina are a great spot for avid photographers, or just the ‘gram.

·        Hiking the Rif Mountains

Hike in the Rif Mountains

The Rif Mountains are just outside Chefchaouen and if you’re there in December, you might be the only ones on the trail with the gorgeous views all to yourselves. The Rif Mountains are known for its caves, which were formed from the larger rivers that once occupied the north side of Morocco. It’s also interesting to note that the oldest modern human skeletons were found in another cave in this region!

·       Akchour Waterfalls and God’s Bridge

The Akchour waterfalls comprise a lower waterfall and a far taller one, as well as a group of smaller cascades that are located along the same river. The walk from the dam to the “Grande Cascade” or Big Waterfall takes about 2 hours at a regular walking pace. This is an easy trail and the path is very clear, so it would also be suitable for children and seniors.

·        Camping

If you are traveling on a low-budget, you may want to consider staying in camps. There are some companies that provide luxury yet simple camping facilities, or, you can plan it on your own. Camping is fun for travellers, so it might be time to put your survival skills to the tests!

The town of Chefchaouen, Morroco may be small but it possesses a charm that is inimitable by large cities. Prepare for a journey of pure enchantment in the blue beauty of Morroco.



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