Highlights on world’s best unique travel destinations.


Solo Travel in Switzerland

Switzerland is famed for its milk chocolates, the majestic Alps and the cost of living, but did you also know that it makes for...

Top 8 things to do in Greece

Walkthrough the country’s groves and archaeological sites, visit groups of islands, get to know the beaches, gorges, and mountains - we explore the top...

New York City Guide – Best Things to Do in New York

You may know this city by many monikers - the city that never sleeps, or perhaps the capital of the world, but whichever name...

Best Holiday Destinations in 2020

It wasn’t that long ago that 2020 sounded more like the title of the next science-fiction blockbuster than a year we’d actually live to...

The Future of Travel: Where Will 2020 Take Us?

We found ourselves wondering: where 2020 will take us? As the world gets smaller and travel and transportation gets easier, we hunger to uncover...


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