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My first few encounters with Burmese cuisine were not very successful. I tried some food in Naypyidaw, but frankly, I was not impressed. This time, my friends invited me to the Burma Bistro restaurant in Yangon, which serves Burmese food. The restaurant is in downtown Yangon, in an old colonial building. Other restaurants and shops surround the place; the area is very busy and lively.

In the Burma Bistro shop

In the shop

The entrance to the Burma Bistro does not look very impressive. You take steep stairs to the second floor and immediately face two entrances – one to the restaurant, another to a lovely boutique shop, which has a variety of Myanmar crafts. Usually, I don’t buy souvenirs, but this time I bought a beautiful wooden bowl for snacks.

In the Burma Bistro bar

In the bar

The restaurant is a cozy place with a bar on the third floor. It has elegant wooden furniture, and beautiful decorations.
The menu has a variety of local and regional dishes. I decided to give the tea leaf salad a try, which was mildly spicy and surprisingly delicious. We also had the chef’s ginger salad (which has 12 ingredients), a trilogy of seafood and a selection of grilled meat. The portions were not very large, but we decided to share, as we all wanted to try the dishes. We even ordered another serving of the tea leaf salad, as it was really mouthwatering. The Burma Bistro turned out to be a surprisingly nice place with fresh, tasty food.

A tea leaf salad in the Burma Bistro Yangon

A tea leaf salad

They also had a good variety of fresh juices, traditional and non-alcoholic cocktails, and a moderate selection of wines and beers. Everything was moderately priced; bottles of wine were 15-20 euros, and the dishes were 3-10 euros.
This cozy place also serves an early local breakfast.
The service was very friendly and sometimes funny. This may vary depending on the English language skills of the local staff. The most entertaining was a question from a patient waiter, who asked the three of us whether we intended to share a glass of wine. But all in all, there were no real problems with English there; there was an English menu, and the waiters spoke English.
The Burma Bistro in Yangon also has a nice balcony that faces a busy street for smokers.

A balcony of Burma Bistro Yangon

A balcony

The Burma Bistro in Yangon was a delightful surprise for us – it completely changed our perception of Burmese cuisine – the local food can be very delicious, you only need to discover the right place.
You can pay in local currency or by credit card.

The address of the Burma Bistro is: No. 644 First Floor, Corner of Merchant Road & Shwe Bon Thar Road, Yangon (Rangoon) 11141, Myanmar,
• Phone Number: +95 9 40118 3838
• Operating hours 7.00 a.m. – 11.00 p.m. on weekdays, and until 12.00 p.m. on weekends

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