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Best Things To Do In Toronto

Toronto-A Reflection of Canada

It’s tempting to think Toronto, Canada’s economic powerhouse, is all work and no play but we’re going to filter through these and find the best things to do in Toronto. Toronto is one of many multicultural, diverse cities on the planet with over 140 languages spoken here, with English is the most widely spoken. Toronto is a blast: a big-time city abuzz with activity. Some of the world’s finest restaurants are also found here.

Things to Know About Toronto

The best way to experience Toronto’s unique character is by ambling down its streets, soaking up its rich history, architecture, and art. Whether it’s exploring Islamic art at the Agha Khan Museum, wandering beneath the leafy tree canopy of Baldwin Street near Chinatown or munching on walnut cakes in Koreatown, you will be immersed in the scents, flavours, and tastes of international cultures. 

When to go?

The summers are warm, and the winters are extremely cold. But the autumn season (September to November) is a great time to visit as the skies are clear and the dazzling greenery gives the city a unique hue. The mercury levels range from 13 °C to 12 °C. You might experience early winter in November, so if you’re planning to visit during this time, remember to pack some warm clothes. The spring season, from April to May, is also a good time to visit Toronto.


Amongst the top things to do in Toronto are visiting the current events and festivals. Hollywood celebrities and film fan flocks to the annual Toronto International Film Festival held in venues around town. Visitors can also scout out famous movie scene locations, such as those from Suicide Squad, The Resident Evil Series, and Guillermo del Toro’s Oscar-winning The Shape of Water, all filmed right here in Toronto.

What to eat?

Thanks to Toronto immense cultural diversity, you can eat around the globe without leaving the city limits. Always wanted to nosh on bulgogi? Head to Koreatown. Not sure of the difference between Indian, Afghani, Pakistani, Egyptian or Tibetan cuisine? Try them all in Little India (Gerrard India Bazar). From dim sum brunch in one of several Chinatowns for late-night pasta in Little Italy or Cross Italia, there’s always a new menu.

Vacations in Toronto

Toronto is a vibrant, dynamic city, where fun and activities take place around every corner. Whether you are enjoying a casual getaway, couple’s weekend, business trip or family vacation, you’ll find top things to do in Toronto including lots to eat, see and explore. Toronto covers the basics of transportation and getting around the city with ease, to help make your trip to this region a seamless experience.

Top Experiences in Toronto

  • Royal Ontario Museum

Royal Ontario Museum

It is Canada’s biggest and largest museum in North America. It has four floors. Inside, the permanent collection features over 6 million specimens and artefacts, divided between two main galleries: The Natural History Galleries (all on the 2nd floor) and the World Culture Galleries (on 1st, 3rd, and 4th floors). The Chinese temple sculpture, Gallery of Korean art are some of the best in the world.

  • High Park

High Park

Toronto’s favourite and the best-known park is a wonderful place to unfurl a picnic blanket, swim, play tennis, bike around, skate on the Grenadier Pond in the winter, or in the spring meander through the groves of cherry blossoms donated to the park by the Japanese ambassador in 1959.  There is also a theatrical stage and a small children’s zoo.

  • CN Tower

CN Tower

Toronto’s iconic CN tower, a marvel of 1970s engineering, looks like a giant concrete hypodermic needle. It functions as a communication tower that takes a backseat to relieve tourists of as much cash possible – riding those glass elevators up to the once-highest freestanding structure in the world. It is one of these things that you must do in Toronto. Queues for the elevator can be up to two hours long in each direction.

  • St Lawrence MarketSt.Lawrence Market

This market has more than 50 special food stalls: cheese vendors, fishmongers, butchers, bakers, and pasta market. The Carousel Bakery is famed for its peameal bacon sandwiches and St Urban for its authentic Montreal-style bagels.

Vacations are more enjoyable when you know little about the place you are going to spend your time. Toronto is filled with beautiful books all over the city, i.e. Toronto Music Garden, Edward Gardens, Simcoe Wavedeck, and much more, they’re all Instagram-worthy. If you are in need of a break from the humdrum of daily life, Toronto is the place for you.



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