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10 Best Office Bag Brands in India 2021

Are you an office worker or an entrepreneur? If yes, then you must try the best office bag brands in India to carry your belongings to the office or any business meeting. We have collected some top brands for you to take into consideration while purchasing an office bag.

best leather laptop bags in India
leather laptop bag

Office Bag

The office bags are specially designed to carry your essential items like laptops, files, reports, charts, notebooks, pens, or assignments with ample space and a well-organized manner. Office bags includes briefcases, messenger bags, Laptop bags, backpacks, or shoulder bags.

All office bags have a professional look, which enhances your personality, and you look more confident with all your essential stuff. Leather made office bags are very trendy in India because they are durable as well as stylish. The distinct type of bags fulfill different kinds of needs, like to carry your electronic devices, you need a laptop bag or a laptop-compatible messenger bag. If you are taking only a few files with you, then any backpack or shoulder bag could serve you.

Office Bag Brands

In this modern era, many organizations are competing to produce more and more office bags. Well reputed and renowned companies become the right brand name. People like to purchase products only from famous and trustworthy sellers to avoid fraudulent activities.

best leather laptop bags in india
man carrying a leather laptop bag
Hot Tip:
There are many counterfeiters available in the market to mislead you, so always stay aware whenever you are going to buy a branded office bag in India[1].

Hammonds Flycatcher is the top best office bag brand in India. The Flycatcher bags are very sturdy and trendy. Hammonds use pure quality full-grain leather material to produce the bag that lasts very long and looks more beautiful with age.

Our Top Pick

Hammonds organizer messenger bags are made from 100% full-grain leather that is very expensive and durable. A genuine leather bag is compatible with 15.6 inches laptop.

Quick Look: Top 5 Best Office Bag Brands in India:

In a hurry? We’ve come up with a list of the top 5 Office Bag Brands in India in 2020.

Besides these leather laptop bags, there are many more best leather laptop bag options in India. So if you have decided to buy a leather laptop backpack, let’s first find out the qualities of a leather laptop bag that you should keep in your mind before purchase.

4 Things to consider before you buy an office bag

Needs differ from person to person. Similarly, the bag that suits your needs will not necessarily be suitable for your friend. Below are the various factors that should be considered before purchasing an office bag.

1. Type of Bag

First of all, you should decide the bag type, like do you want a backpack, messenger bag, briefcase or shoulder bag? Only then can you consider further factors. You should choose this kind very wisely. The bag should suit your profession as well as your personality.

putting laptop in a leather laptop
putting the laptop in a leather bag

2. Material

It is imperative to check the stuff of the pack. Full-grain leather material has been analyzed as the best substance for bags. Leather has a unique feature of looking more beautiful with age as well as it has a durability feature. So if you want a long-lasting bag, then you must choose a product of leather.

3. Brand

The brand of an office bag matters a lot. Professional people look more expert with reputed bag brands. Except for this, branded products come with a warranty, so there are very few chances of damage or destruction of the bags soon. Moreover, a renowned company bag will last very long which will save your money to buy a bag frequently.

4. Other Factors

Afterward, the following additional considerations should be checked and see the quality of these measures.


Bag capacity depends upon your items to store in a particular bag. Always select a bag that provides you with enough space to carry your belongings securely and safely. Multi-compartment and small pockets are convenient to organize your stuff.


The shoulder straps should be broad, comfortable, and adjustable according to your height. If you can’t adjust the straps, then you should first take a try and then buy a bag. Detachable shoulder straps for messenger bags are a plus point. So, check these small facts before ordering a kit.


Last but not least, check the quality of accessories like buckles, waist belts, locks, zippers, and handles. These small items break very soon, and your bag will go in vain if the locks or zippers fail to work. Metal locks and zippers are recommendable instead of plastic.

Another factor you have to see is the stitching of the bag. The bag stay lasts only with the help of solid stitches. Dual stitching is preferable for bags.

List of 10 Best Office Bag Brands in India in 2021

Below is a detailed description of the best Office Bag Brands in India in 2021.

1.Hammonds Flycatcher

Hammonds Flycatcher is a well-known name in the market for producing leather products. The office bags of Hammonds are considered as top quality bags that run long-lasting. The main aim of the company is the satisfaction of the customers. Flycatchers produce products according to the need of the patrons.

The advanced infrastructure like modern technology and the latest machines are the main assets of the

Main Features

  • The Hammonds office bags are very reliable, high quality, stylish, and durable.
  • Flycatcher uses full-grain leather material to manufacture the bags that look more beautiful with age.
  • Stitching quality is also very fine on Flycatcher’s bags.

Most Popular Hammonds Flycatcher Office Bag:

Our Top Pick

 The brown color laptop bag is compatible with 15.6 inches screen. The premium quality full-grain
leather has used to design the bag. Twin handles, zipper-lock, removable strap, and front pocket are the
characteristics of this messenger bag.

2. WildHorn

The Wildhorn’s factory is located in Kolkata, India. Wildhorn is leading many companies with its wide range of bags, wallets, belts, shoes, and many more. Flipkart, Amazon, Paytm, Snapdeal, and Myntra are the e-commerce partners of Wildhorn.

Also, Wildhorn has a skilled professional team that produces the products with the best of their knowledge
and experience to satisfy their customers. With the help of online shopping, you could buy the Wildhorn
stocks at very reasonable prices.

Main Features

  • Wildhorn’s office bags are the best combination of style, work, and fashion.
  • Office bags are very reliable and material quality is durable.
  • The price range of Wildhorn office bags is very economical and affordable.

Most Popular Wildhorn Office Bag:

Low Budget

The leather messenger bag is laptop-compatible and specially designed for men. Two main storage compartments
and front flap closure pocket, all are zipper safe. The shoulder strap of the bag is also detachable and

3. Le Craf

Le Craf was started in 2014 to stand on the peak of the leather industry by producing high-quality products. The company works with every small or large organization to flourish the fashion phenomena. 

Le Craf has a very professional team that converts the public demand ideas into shape or design. The brand has a very wide variety of leather products like bags, clutches, purses, wallets, and accessories. The products are very high quality, and durable for long term use.

Main Features

  • The office bags are made from 100% pure vintage leather material that will look more graceful after time.
  • The expert artisans handcrafted the bags with strong and dual stitching to make the bags more sturdy.
  • The versatile pockets with zipper lock facilities provide you ample space to store your stuff.

Most Popular Le Craf Office Bag:

A stylish brown color office bag is very famous in India. The messenger bag has made from pure leather to use for the long term. All pockets of the bag are zipper safe, and shoulder straps are very wide and comfortable

4. The Clownfish

The clownfish brand has an extensive collection of all kinds of high-quality bags like backpacks, briefcases, messenger bags, duffel bags, and many more. The brand prefers the customer’s choice and then manufacture the products according to the style and demand.

The clownfish offers versatile options to the customers and maintain a good relationship among them. The head office of the company is located at Maharashtra


  • Clownfish’s office bags are very affordable. You can choose your bag at a very reasonable price range with a high-quality feature.
  • The metal fitting material has used makes the bag more durable.
  • A reliable brand allots you the output as per your demand.

Most Popular The Clownfish Office Bag:

The water-resistant backpack has made with premium quality material for both men and women. The stylish pack has two main storage rooms with laptop cushioned sleeve to keep your 15.6 inches laptop inside.

5. K London

K London deals with leather and other fashion accessories for unisex at a very reasonable price range. K London brand is also known as USP which means Urban Style Project. USP is an internationally renowned brand for the best quality products with customer satisfaction. The Urban Style Project Company sells its commodities online through the name K London. The brand has many attractive offers for everyone on purchase.

Main Features

  • The USP office bags are very sturdy and attractive. The versatile color option is also available for customers.
  • The bags are secure and safe with proper lock facilities and dual stitching.
  • The price range of the pack is also very economical.

Most Popular K London Office Bag:

The office bag made from artificial leather has a very stylish look with a laptop storage facility. Dual stitching has been done to make the bag more solid and long-lasting. The tan and blue color combination is very professional and appealing.

6. Leaderachi

Leaderachi deals in handmade leather bags, wallets, belts, shoes, jackets & accessories. The brand is famous for its best quality and style. The expert team selects high-quality leather for production and takes great care of the products. The Leaderachi office bags are the best companion for the users. Office bags enhance the look as well as the confidence level of the people.

Main Features

  • The office bags are handmade by the expert team that provides a sturdy and vintage look to the packs.
  • Dual stitching has been done on every stress point of the bag for solid and long-lasting use.
  • The Leaderachi bags are very reliable for any situation like an office meeting, business tour, or in case of any presentation.

Most Popular Leaderachi Office Bag:

The messenger bag has made from full-grain boot leather. This case is laptop compatible and also has a well-managed space for your all office stuff. The bag is secure with a zipper-lock facility.

7. American Tourister

American Tourister claims to make stylish, high quality, and fun luggage bags for you since 1933. The durability of the product is the prime feature of this brand. Office backpacks by American Tourister are trendy in India because adequate storage capacity in a lightweight bag will not annoy you to use it regularly. Besides, laptop backpacks are also quite popular among people.

Main Features

  • American Tourister bags are very lightweight and long-lasting. You may use these backpacks regularly without any trouble.
  • This brand renders the most comfortable shoulder straps to put on your shoulder.
  • The most reputable and stylish office bags are in demand for youngsters because they take it as their style icon.

Most Popular American Tourister Office Bag:

The travel-friendly bag has made from polyester fabric. The backpack is compatible with 15 inches screen. There are two main compartments to store your essential items in an organized manner as well as both sides mesh pockets to hold your umbrella or bottle. 

8. Scarters

In the beginning, Scarters only aim was to satisfy the customers by providing the unique and special experience of the products. The brand provides customers long-lasting and the most reliable products to deal with. The main focus of the Scarters is on handcrafted design. The office bags of this brand also have a very solid and professional look.

Main Features

  • Most of the bags are made from synthetic and natural materials. So there may be some color vibrations in the shown product.
  • The versatile design options are available in the office bag range for unisex with a leather finishing look.
  • The shoulder straps and holding handles are very comfortable to wear for long hours.
  • All products usually have 14 months of manufacturing warranty.
  • The office bags of scarters are mostly splash-proof.

Most Popular Scarters Office Bag:

The water-resistant messenger bag is compatible with up to 15.6 inches screen laptop or tablet. The main zipper compartment has many small well-organized segments to hold your little things with quick access.

9. The House of Tara

The House of Tara is an Indian brand located at Okhla Industrial Area, New Delhi. The brand has focused to maintain a good relationship between seller and buyer.

The House of Tara has a wide range of backpacks, messenger bags, duffles, laptop bags, sling bags, totes, handbags, and clutches. Besides, the brand is also popular for fashion accessories like pendants, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, sandals, home-decor, and many other goods. The House of Tara also has a professional team to build the latest design products that last very long.

Main Features

  • The House of Tara’s office bags has distinctive printed designs, shapes, and colors.
  • The brand offers bags for each age group according to their taste.
  • The office bags are the perfect match for formal or informal attire.

Most Popular The House of Tara Office Bag:

The messenger bag has made from cotton canvas fabric material. Random numbers on the shoulder strap and magnetic closures add a unique style to the pack. A sturdy bag is a perfect durable companion

10. Baggit

Nina Lekhi was the founder of the Baggit brand. With her struggle and hard work, the brand soon led the industry. In the beginning, she started with high-quality non-leather handbags. Baggit is an Indian brand that has flourished its roots worldwide.

PETA awarded brand only manufacture eco-friendly products, they do not harm any animal. Baggit has a wide variety of office bags, handbags, clutches, purses, and accessories.

Main Features

  • All bags are made from non-leather material.
  • Most of the bags are for women that give them a stylish and bold look.
  • Baggit office bags have enormous color and design options for each personality.
  • Baggit is India’s most popular and reliable brand among young girls.

Most Popular Baggit Office Bag:

A rectangular shape bag has made from Synthetic material for the office going women. Sling bag has ample space to store your all essentials. An easy access pocket is also available on the outside of the bag.

Frequently Asked Question about Best Office Bag Brands in India

Why do We Need an Office Bag?

Every office going man or woman required a pack because they have to bring some essential items like their phone, tablet, laptop, keys, charger, files, reports, or documents to the office along with them.

So office bags are the best alternate for the executives to hold their necessary amenities in an organized way, with a stylish and professional look.

Which Kind of Bag is the Best Option for an Office Bag?

Messenger bags are regarded as the best option for the office worker since these bags systematically offers great space to keep all essential things like a laptop, assignment, reports, files, or phone, etc.

But the decision rest on your needs. You have to choose your pack according to your stuff to carry with you, although it may be a backpack, sling bag, shoulder bag, or a briefcase.

Do Carrying a Backpack Look Professional?

You can use the backpacks according to your professional needs. There are some professions, like marketing, that required bags. But somewhere, the backpack looks unprofessional to the users.

If you are a senior executive or working inside an office, then a backpack will not suit your personality.

How to identify a real brand from a duplicate seller?

No doubt, there are massive fraudulent available in the market to mislead you. But a reputed brand has some unique qualities that differentiate the original from the counterfeit.

The branded products usually have a company logo or warranty. Additionally, the quality, stitching, and price of the product will quite differ from the forgery sellers.

tan leather laptop bag
travel bag sketch image

Final Verdict

To conclude the article, you are suggested to choose your office bag while keeping all the above considerations in mind. You have a vast list of the best office bag brands in India. So accumulate your requirements and then select the best option from renowned brands.

If you are searching for a well-reputed high-quality brand, then you must try Hammonds Flycatcher or WildHorn‘s office bag range. But if you want a low budget and most stylish printed office bags, then The House of Tara brand must give you the right pic.

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