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10 Best Luxury Travel Destinations

Best Luxury Travel Destinations

Luxury travelers expect more, want more and spend more. These 10 best ultra-luxury travel destinations may set you back quite a fortune — but the destinations and accommodations deliver a jaw-dropping experience. Are they on your bucket list?

Let’s walk through the journey by dividing these places into three categories: 

Must visit countries in 2020

You can find many companies around the world that offer luxurious holiday plans. Some of the economical packages also serve the purpose of comfort and convenience in a great way. Remember that the choices of life tell a lot about a person. So, be wise while planning your next journey and make it according to your interests. 

  • Dubai 

Dubai is of the most advanced countries in the Middle East. So, far it is a global village that is full of expats from various backgrounds. Dubai can be a real treat for someone who loves enjoying luxury. Resting up in a luxury hotel in Dubai will give you the ultimate feeling of being in a super rich and classy environment. The ultra- luxurious hotels in Dubai are well-known to go to great lengths to pamper guests with excellent service, spacious hotel rooms decked in extravagant decor, exotic food, and unparalleled amenities. 

  • Thailand

Thailand earns its international fame for their richness of tradition and the techniques of Thai massage. Thai massage is a therapeutic practice that has its roots in Chinese and Indian traditional medicine. To the local Thais, such massages are part and parcel of an integral and general health regime in Thailand. After you have experienced an authentic Thai massage by a skilled masseuse, you’ll never go back to the costly and overrated western day spas.

If you’re interested in adventure and the outdoors, check out its tropical forests, hike its mountain peaks and stroll the impressive series of beaches. Nothing should stop you from explore the sea world teeming with life! Thailand also has many old palaces and temples that are in various stages of ruins which will be interesting to the culture buffs.

  • Mexico
Mexico checks all the boxes of an upscale holiday destination: white sandy beaches, prosperous cities, ancient ruins, top-notch cuisine and an ever-expanding compendium of luxury accommodation and hotels. Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a frequent traveler, this opulent country has something to offer for everyone.
  • Greece

The flavours, smells and sounds of Greece, are inimitable. We’ve read and heard about myths and ancient heroes of old, but here, the country is constantly reinventing itself as Europe’s capital of creativity. Whilst each of the Greek Islands is a unique and distinct world, and you must not forget the mainland, where ancient ruins and monasteries are camouflaged amongst natural thick forests, lakes and snow-capped mountains.

Must visit Cities in 2020

  • Kerala, India

Kerala is India’s address for the luxury experience. Adorned with luxury boutique hotels and resorts, the state holds a repertoire of unparalleled luxury experiences that are shrouded with authentic Indian traditions. Here, you can experience luxury ayurvedic treatments and massages, yoga getaways with the gurus just as easily as trekking through lush greenery, wildlife, rivers, beaches.

  • New Zealand

The world is starting to take notice of New Zealand as a premium offering that starts with famed, award-winning lodges and world-class luxury travel experiences. The country is endowed with unspoilt landscape, topped off with economic stability and often what we take for granted – privacy and safety.

You’ll have the opportunity to truly disconnect – hang out at a remote fishing location hours from any civilisation, soak in a luxury spa under the open sky, entertain friends and family in a private lodge with a personal chef, or feast on fresh catch of seafood.

Islands to explore in 2020

  • Maldives

If you are dreaming of gleaming, pristine waters that you can see right out the window of your villa, you’ve got to visit the Maldives. This charming island is shrouded with lush greenery and surrounded by natural sandy beaches and generously lined with towering palm trees. There’s no better destination to escape the hectic life than right here, in the romantic resorts, villas and cottages that dot the island of the Maldives. This is literally paradise on earth.

  • Canouan Island

The breezy Caribbean island is a beacon of luxury – pamper yourself with professional butler service, private-jet transfers and stay in luxe accommodations with lush canopy beds and a state-of-the-art telescope on your patio for some romantic nighttime stargazing.

  • Ischia, Italy

Ischia is located just off the Amalfi Coast, and boasts a patchwork of flourishing vineyards, ancient city ruins and luxuriant woodlands. Exclusive private beaches, together with delicate fine dining defines an unparalleled, quintessential Italian escape. And the relatively slow pace of life here is a welcome change, and the private spa retreats on Ischia completes the luxurious vacation.

Do any of these 10 luxury travel destinations entice you to start planning?




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